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Photography has always been a passion of mine. Decided in 2003 to aspire to making a career of it. I began with working for School Pictures inc. Taking thousands of photos a week helped to develop a feel for setting people at ease. A co-worker told me about a company that shot Hockey Tournaments. After my first day with Action Photos I was hooked, The looks on parents faces when they saw an action shot of their child that could be on a Sports Illustrated Cover. I really enjoyed the challenge of getting new images time and time again.

Over the years I did a few weddings and portraits for friends and family. I will be the first to admit, in the beginning I would stumble on some good images once in awhile but overall I was average. As of the last two years my talent has really shown through. I brought my camera to a cousins wedding and my pics were better than the professional she hired.

A few things that set me apart from other photographers and Uncle Joe.

  • Attention to detail. It's not always what is included in a photo but also whats left out.
  • Technical understanding of the digital work flow. The ability to get a print to match what you actually saw is still quite difficult. Having the right equipment and knowing how to use it requires a passion for learning.

  • Ability to connect with subjects or to disappear and capture a candid moment. Some people, including myself, are not able to fake a good smile.
  • Ability to see the light. Good lighting is the most important ingredient to a great photograph. Sometimes the "Natural Light" is not enough and needs to be augmented to record well on the digital medium.

I look forward to helping you record special moments to enjoy over and over again.
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